"My art invites the observer to feel part of the superorganism that evolves when we interact and collaborate. Love drives me to create the new here and now."

Anastasios Nyfadopoulos

    Anastasios Nyfadopoulos studied MA in Fine Art at the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom with distinction. In 2015, at the age of 22, Anastasios created “Crisis”, the first public sculpture addressing the consequences of the socio-economic crisis on humanity. Leading national and international media, including the Associated Press and Xinhua News Agency, reported on the artwork. In 2018, the artist received the Global Arts Award in the international competition of the organization RedLine Artworks, where artists from twenty-seven countries participated. Ηe is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and an ambassador of contemporary Greek art. He has exhibited his work in Greece, Spain, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

     Anastasios focuses on humanity, how it is shaped, how it may change and evolve. With the healing process of collective trauma being the overarching theme in his work, he interconnects performance, poems and sculpture. His material research explores basalt fibre, mycelium, plant-based resin, brass and copper. Levi-Strauss’ analysis of how healing can be experienced through myth alongside Aristotle’s concept of catharsis inform his thinking on how visual arts can assist in alleviating societal pain. 

Anastasios Nyfadopoulos

     Furthermore, he observes the war, environmental, and pandemic crisis we are simultaneously going through and express this liminality we experience, interfering with notions about the “decline of violence” by Stephen Pinker. Instead of disrupting the social fabric and obstructing our shared connections, Anastasios aims to support them with his work and weave them stronger. 

Selected Exhibitions

March 2023: FEDA exhibition,
Park Regis Kris Kin, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

July 2022: MA Fine Art Final show, University of Brighton, Brighton, United Kingdom

July 2022: MA Fine Art Final show, University of Brighton, Brighton, United Kingdom

May 2021: Group Exhibition “MyheArt” Greek French Association, Athens, Greece

March 2020: Group Exhibition “Retrospectiva” Time of Art Gallery, Kifissia, Greece

November 2019: Group Exhibition “Exposing Violence” Institute of Fine Arts Tsichritzi, Kifissia, Greece

May 2019: Duo Exhibition “Blue like Blue” Time of Art Gallery, Kifissia, Greece

December 2018: Group Exhibition “Mesogeios” Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus, Piraeus, Greece

November 2018: Group Exhibition of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece Byzantine Museum of Athens, Greece

October 2018: Group Exhibition “Scenes from the past and the future” Time of Art Gallery, Kifissia, Greece

June 2018: Art Athina 2018, Artzone 42 Gallery, Greece

June 2017: “Refuge: in search of safety” Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2017 (Juried), Bath, United Kingdom

December 2017: Group Exhibition “Regard” by Feral Horses, London, United Kingdom

December 2016: Solo Exhibition “Blue. It is not from around here” Artower Agora Gallery, Athens, Greece