Anastasios Nyfadopoulos: “….Love drives me to create the new, right now”

Anastasios Nyfadopoulos: “….Love drives me to create the new, right now”

The First Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition Space Opens in Maroussi

Friday, September 10, 2021, 09:02

Today, Friday, September 10th, the first exhibition space dedicated to contemporary sculpture in Maroussi will open its doors to the public from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm at 9 Kerkyras Street. Sculptor Anastasios Nyfadopoulos, in collaboration with the Hellenic Red Cross, will donate 50% of the exhibition’s proceeds to those affected by this year’s fires. The exhibition will also be open to the public during the weekend.

“In my sculpture, thousands of fibers intertwine, forming an optimized unified body. While a single fiber cannot withstand great pressure, thousands can due to the synergy they create. This new body possesses qualities superior to the sum of its parts. This is analogous to us humans; the realization of this by a critical mass will fundamentally change humanity. With steady steps, we progress upwards; love helps us overcome every challenge. Love drives me to create the new, right now,” the artist shared with “N.”

Being in love with art from a young age, Anastasios Nyfadopoulos opened his studio in Maroussi in 2013, at the age of 21, near Doukas school. There, he created “Crisis,” the world’s first public space sculpture addressing the impact of the socio-economic crisis on humanity.

Three years later, he became the first Greek to receive the 2018 Global Arts Award from the British organization Red Line Artworks, which saw participation from artists across 28 countries.

Nyfadopoulos’ art centers on humanity – its formation, potential for change, and evolution. He incorporates the principles of interconnectedness and perpetual change in both the themes and materials of his art, as well as in its construction and appearance.

Part of Anastasios’ creative process involves stretching and loosening thousands of carbon fibers by hand, creating a dynamic motif that appears static in some parts and transforms into parallel lines in others. This alters the artwork’s physical appearance, giving the impression of constant motion to the observer, and emphasizing the theme of perpetual change. Anastasios believes that by reflecting on perpetual change, people may realize that our attitudes can evolve even in seemingly permanent situations.

Both the carbon – a common element shared by all living organisms on Earth – and the way carbon fibers merge in his sculptures, symbolize interconnectedness. Through the embodiment of interconnectedness, he aspires to encourage collective thinking and the feeling of being part of a superorganism that evolves when we interact and collaborate.

Opening Hours: Friday 10/9 – Sunday 12/9: 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm

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George Koulouvaris, Naftemporiki

Friday, September 10, 2021, 09:02

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Anastasios Nyfadopoulos: “….Love drives me to create the new, right now”

Anastasios Nyfadopoulos: “….Love drives me to create the new, right now”