February 7, 2015 nyfadopoulos

Crisis in Art

By Sergios Dimitriadis

Associate Professor

Athens University of Economics

The deterioration of our lives due to the economic crisis has affected deeply the Greek society , in all  aspects and levels.  Society consists of people, and when people suffer, society suffers as well.

Every individual experiences this situation and reacts in his own way.

The monument “Crisis” is an attempt by sculptor, Nyfadopoulos Tasos, to capture the collective memory and cry of society against crisis.  It portrays the individual who is desperately drifting down by declining financial indicators.  It is a simple, direct, and expressive representation in large dimensions, more than 6 meters long and 4 meters high, reflecting the magnitude of crisis.

This project, full of vigor and intensity, depicts the difficult situation that we all face and gives a stand to the victims of crisis to express their despair.  This project can teach us a great deal, and especially how determined young people with strong will can achieve great things.

The young sculptor, Nyfadopoulos Tasos, managed to inspire other young people to work all together in order to find resources for the project. They managed to gain the acceptance from the Greek municipality – Argyroypolis, but also to find sponsors who believed in the idea and were willing to finance the project.

I can only express my appreciation for this initiative. The importance of young people participating in social life is enormous. Definitely artistic creation is a form of contribution in social life

The message of the project CRISIS must be heard not only in Greece but also abroad, since  crisis is a global phenomenon, a phenomenon that affects all people. This project will help us to remember the mistakes we made in the past and avoid repeating them in the future

We are honored that we will have in our country such a remarkable  monument. I wish we will soon be able to enjoy it.

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