March 17, 2015 nyfadopoulos

George Avlonitis on Crisis Sculpture

George I. Avlonitis


Deputy  President of Council

Athens University of Economics and Business

Undoubtedly, the historians of the future will record that the first decade of the 21st century was marked by an unprecedented for peacetime, economic and social crisis, the consequences  of which have profoundly disturbed social balance. Indeed, there is no aspect of social life that does not reflect the ultimate social impasse. Thousands of affected families are driven into poverty and unemployment. Unemployment, particularly among young people, has reached a record high. Public health has collapsed, and there is huge deficit at all education levels.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the current economic and social crisis serves as a peculiar place of war conditions with its own “victims”. The sculpture ‘crisis’ by Tasos Nyfadopoulos comes to pay tribute to these  victims. Of course, while this work is directly connected to our era, it acquires at the same time a timeless character as it urges us to reflect and look critically upon the acts and omissions that led us to this crisis, and also the measures that were taken to address it. In other words, the importance of the work does not end with the end of the crisis, which I hope to come as soon as possible, but rather becomes even stronger for two important reasons:

(a) Having as a reference point what the sculpture actually depicts, as a society we should not allow in the future to make mistakes that lead us to this swamp- mistakes that are many and have been discussed a lot.

(b) This sculpture may make us as a society realize the need to lend meaning to values ​​such as solidarity, modesty, self-awareness, as well as the diligence and active participation in social issues.

In closing, I would like to congratulate the young in age and  initiator of the project, Tasos Nyfadopoulos. I wish him health and strength to continue fighting for a better future and also to keep challenging our society with his works.